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The South Wales Record Society

The South Wales Record Society was established in 1982 and exists to publish a regular series of texts and other works relating to the history of South Wales, and in particular to the historic counties of Glamorgan and Monmouthshire.

Such publications allow original source materials that would otherwise only be accessible in archives and libraries to be examined by a wider readership. Each text is provided with a scholarly introduction, notes, bibliography, and other glossaries and appendices which enable the original source to be placed in its historical context.

For a subscription of 20 payable annually in April, members of the Society, either individuals or institutions, are entitled to a complimentary copy of the current year's publication and to be kept informed of new publications and of the Society's meetings.

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Recent publications

28. Cas Gan Gythraul: demonology, witchcraft and popular magic in eighteenth century Wales. By T.P., edited by Lisa Tallis.

This unique, relatively short, text offers the fullest treatment of witchcraft in Wales in the vernacular, during the early eighteenth century.

The author shares his own experiences and beliefs and those of his neighbours and acquaintances, by relating his conversations to the reader, giving his work a rich and authentic feel.

Our first bilingual publication, the book was launched at Swansea Museum on 24 October 2015. The editor is pictured here with her family at the event.


27. The Diaries of Margaret Penderel Jones of Garth, 1871 to 1897. Edited by Peter Jackson.

Margaret Jones of Garth House, near Pontardawe, kept a series of diaries over a twenty-year period, recording events of significance in her life as a small landowner in the Upper Swansea Valley.

In this book, the diaries are transcribed in their entirety with an introduction and comprehensive index by the editor. It was launched on 5 July 2014 at the Arts Centre, Pontardawe.

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20. In Conversation with Napoleon Bonaparte: J. H. Vivian's Visit to the Island of Elba, edited by Ralph A. Griffiths.
An elaborate series of events to commemorate the exile of Napoleon Bonaparte on the Mediterranean island of Elba during 1814-15 is being held on this beautiful island in 2014-15 (www.napoleoneimperatoreelba2014.it). At their heart is the Emperor himself and a recreation of the life which he and his companions led while in captivity.

A number of British politicians, industrialists and others visited the island in these months in the hope of meeting the Emperor, and among them was a young man, John Henry Vivian, from Cornwall and Swansea, who was beginning his remarkable career as the most important copper master of modern Swansea. Vivian obtained a lengthy audience with Napoleon and after his return to Britain published his recollections, including fascinating details of his conversation with the Emperor. As a young industrialist, Vivian also visited the famous iron mines on Elba and recorded the rest of his European tour to industrial sites in Germany, Poland and Hungary. His memoir is republished in this volume with many illustrations. It is a valuable historical record.


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