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In Conversation with Napoleon Bonaparte: J. H. Vivian's Visit to the Island of Elba

John Henry Vivian (1785-1855) was a leading British copper-master and one of the makers of modern Swansea. As a young man, in 1814-15 he made a tour of the Continent of Europe during which he met the deposed Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Vivian kept a journal of his travels, and this book publishes his account of his experiences on Elba and in Italy and Eastern Europe. It paints a portrait of Napoleon and his state of mind in the months before he escaped and was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo; it describes Napoleon’s tiny kingdom of Elba and its famous iron mines which later in the century gave their name to the mining community of Elba, near Swansea; and it records Vivian’s fascination with the salt mines and metallurgical industries of Germany and Poland.


Edited by Ralph A. Griffiths

Published 2008

ISBN 978-0-9553387-0-0


Price: 11.00       Members’ price: 9.45



Michael Cardy in Minerva no. 16: 'Ralph Griffiths has done a fine job of editing the texts: knowledgeable and informative introductory material; pertinent and unfussy annotation. Overall, this is an excellent addition to a very worthwhile series'

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