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1. Morganiae Archaiographia
Edited by Brian Ll. James
箵0 (members’ price ⮵0)

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2. Map of Glamorgan (1799)
by George Yates (facsimile), with an introductory essay by Gwyn Walters and Brian James
 (members’ price )

3. Map of the County of Monmouth (1830)
by C. and J. Greenwood (facsimile), with an introduction by Philip Riden.
 (members’ price )

4. Diaries of John Bird 1790-1803
with an introduction by Hilary M Thomas
This book is out of print, but can be viewed online.

5. Llandaff Episcopal Acta, 1140-1287
Edited by David Crouch
⮵0 (members’ price 箵0)

6. Letterbook of Richard Crawshay, 1788-1797
Calendared by Chris Evans, with an introduction by G. G. L. Hayes
᮴5 (members’ price 䮵0)

7. Diocese of Llandaff in 1763
Edited by John R. Guy
᮴5 (members’ price 䮵0)

8. History of Monmouthshire, Vol. 5
Compiled by Madeleine Gray from notes by Sir Joseph Bradney
This book is out of print, but can be viewed online.

9. The Penrice Letters, 1768-1795
Edited by Joanna Martin
ழ5 (members’ price 䮵0)

10. The Glamorgan Hearth Tax Assessment of 1670
Edited by Elizabeth Parkinson
This book is out of print, but can be viewed online.

11. The Diary of William Thomas, 1762-1795
Edited by R. W. T. Denning
⮴5 (members’ price 段0)

12. Monmouthshire Wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1560-1601
Edited by Judith Jones
⮵0 (members’ price 箵0)

13. St Davids Episcopal Acta, 1085-1280
Edited by Dr Julia Barrow
⮰0 (members’ price 箰0)

14. The Letterbook of John Byrd, Customs Collector in South-East Wales, 1647-80
Edited by Dr Stephen Roberts
⮵0 (members’ price 箵0)

15. The Pennard Manor Court Book 1673-1701
Transcribed by Michael J. Edmunds with an introduction by Dr Joanna Martin.
⮰0 (members’ price 箰0)

16. The Letter-Books of W. Gilbertson & Co., Pontardawe, 1890-1929
Edited by P.W. Jackson
ர0 (members’ price 宵0)

17. The Letters of Edward Copleston, Bishop of Llandaff, 1828-49
Edited and introduced by Roger Lee Brown
⮴5 (members’ price 箵0)

18. ‘Women’s Rights and Womanly Duties’: The Aberdare Women’s Liberal Association, 1891-1910
Edited by Ursula Masson
⮰0 (members’ price 箰0)

19. The Household Accounts of the Aubreys of Llantrithyd 1621-1637
Edited by Dr Lloyd Bowen
⮰0 (members' price 箰0)

20. In conversation with Napoleon Bonaparte: J. H. Vivian’s visit to the Island of Elba
Edited by Ralph A. Griffiths
ᠨmembers’ price )

21. Men at Arms: Musters in Monmouthshire, 1539 and 1601-2
Edited by Tony Hopkins
ࠨmembers’ price 箵0)

22. The Swansea Wartime Diary of Laurie Latchford
Edited by Kate Elliott Jones and Wendy Cope
鮴5 (members’ price 穼/font>

23. The Origins of an Industrial Region: Robert Morris and the First Swansea Copper Works, c. 1727-1730
Edited by Louise Miskell
记0 (members’ price 婼/font>

24. William Downing Evans: Poetry and Poverty in Nineteenth Century Newport
Edited by Ian and Wendy Dear
宰0 (members’ price ⮵0)

25. The Correspondence of Thomas Henry Thomas, 'Arlunydd Penygarn'
Edited by Christabel Hutchings
᮰0 (members’ price 讵0)

26. War Underground: Memoirs of a Bevin Boy in the South Wales Coalfield
By Michael Edmonds, edited by Peter Wakelin
讵0 (members’ price 䮵0)

27. The Diaries of Margaret Penderel Jones of Garth, 1871 to 1897
Edited by P. W. Jackson
䮵0 (members' price ੼/font>

28. Cas Gan Gythraul: demonology, witchcraft and popular magic in eighteenth century Wales
By T.P., edited by Lisa Tallis
⮵0 (members' price ੼/font>

29. ‘I HOPE TO HAVE A GOOD PASSAGE...’ The Business Letters of Captain Daniel Jenkins, 1902-11
Edited with an introduction by David Jenkins
宰0 (members’ price 쯦ont>

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