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Map of Glamorgan (1799)

A facsimile of the first one-inch map of Glamorgan, surveyed in the 1790s by George Yates and published in 1799 by John Cary of London. It is reprinted in 12 sheets with an introductory essay, and sold with covers and a slide binder. A joint publication with Glamorgan Archive Service.

South Wales Record Society publication no. 2
Introduction by Gwyn Walters and Brian James
Published 1984
ISBN 0 9508676 1 6 (A3 size, softback)

Currently unavailable.

David Herbert in Morgannwg: ‘This facsimile edition succeeds in making all the original detail visible and legible … This is a very useful form of publication which anyone interested in the history or geography of the County of Glamorgan will peruse with pleasure.’

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