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The Glamorgan Hearth Tax Assessment of 1670

An edition, with extensive introduction and index, by Elizabeth Parkinson, of the fuller of the two surviving hearth tax assessments for Glamorgan. Given the lack of the 1642 Protestation Returns for the county, the ambiguous nature of the Compton Census (1676) and the poor survival of pre-1700 parish registers, the Hearth Tax assessments are a source of crucial importance for the history of communities in seventeenth-century Glamorgan.

South Wales Record Society publication no. 10
Edited by Elizabeth Parkinson
Published 1994
ISBN 0 9508676 9 1 (hardback)

This book is out of print, but a digital version can be seen on Welsh Journals Online.

John Titford in Family Tree Magazine: ‘An in-depth introduction, complete with relevant tables, is followed by a fine clear transcript of the returns, accessed by voluminous indexes of persons and places. What a joy!’

S. K. Roberts in Archives: ‘Since 1982 the South Wales Record Society has been publishing texts of strategic importance to the history of Glamorgan and Monmouthshire, and this edition significantly enriches the available printed material on the seventeenth century in the region.’

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