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Men at Arms: Musters in Monmouthshire, 1539 and 1601-2

The tensions generated across Europe by the Reformation meant that from the 1530s war, or the threat of war, was ever-present. In England after the Act of Supremacy, fears of invasion by leading Catholic countries focused increased attention upon the nation's defences, while the unfolding international situation required levies for overseas service. Men from Monmouthshire were summoned to do duty on both fronts. The four documents published in this volume name several thousand of them; more than this, in many instances they record the equipment that they used and the clothing that they wore.

The substance of this book lies in the extensive list it presents of Monmouthshire men who were mustered during the Tudor period. For the family historian, therefore, it will be an unrivalled source of previously unpublished information, but it will be equally valuable to anyone researching the military, social or administrative history of south-east Wales.

South Wales Record Society publication no. 21
Edited by Tony Hopkins
Published 2009
ISBN 978-0-9553387-1-7 (hardback)

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