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The Diaries of Margaret Penderel Jones of Garth, 1871 to 1897

Margaret Jones of Garth House, Rhyd-y-fro, near Pontardawe kept a diary for twenty-seven years of the daily events and incidents which she saw as significant in her life as a small landowner in the upper Swansea valley. Eighteen of her diaries from the period 1871 to 1897 have survived and together they evoke an age when social relationships were hierarchically stratified and the ownership of land conferred both privilege and responsibility.

Margaret Jonesí diaries, transcribed here in their entirety with an introduction by the editor and a comprehensive index, constitute a uniquely personal commentary on the activities, pleasures and tribulations of a female landowner in rural Glamorgan in the late Victorian period.

South Wales Record Society publication no. 27
Edited by P. W. Jackson
Published 2014
ISBN 978-0-9553387-6-4 (hardback)
Price: £24.50      Membersí price: £20.00

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